Phlebotomy Training Lakeland FL

Phlebotomy Training in Lakeland Florida can be found at Southern Technical College in Auburndale

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Phlebotomy Training in Lakeland Florida

Phlebotomy training is offered at Southern Technical College in Auburndale.

The Southern Technical College, Auburndale is located at:

298 Havendale Blvd.
Auburndale, FL 33823
Telephone: (863) 551-1112

The Phlebotomy Training Program at Southern Technical College, Auburndale provides you with an Associate’s Degree which can be completed in approximately 18 months.

In this program you will participate in clinical laboratory classes, where you can apply the knowledge you have learned and build real-world skills for today’s employers.

You will also participate in an externship, which offers further opportunities to apply learned skills and competencies.

The hands-on medical assistant training will help give you the experience to succeed in a new phlebotomy career.

The Phlebotomy degree program:
– Consists of hands-on instruction from experienced professionals.
– Offers flexible scheduling. Morning, afternoon and evening classes available.

Phlebotomy Training Lakeland FL

Phlebotomy training has witnessed a global surge in activity because of detailed education courses now available for future phlebotomists. With the proper learning environment, prospective technicians can successfully master withdrawing blood from patients, as well as collection of other procedures and scientific tests. If you are interested in entering this fast paced and challenging field, there are specific ways to secure certification. This includes taking classes at local medical colleges institutes. You may also take these courses online if low on time. With the latter, however, you’ll also have received hands on training at the respective school that you pick.

As phlebotomy training only takes ninety days, you’ll be certified before you know it. Once you’re qualified it’s possible to work as a technician, or check out other lab-based positions available. While 3 months isn’t too long, you’ll have to be prepared to work hard during your study. As well as finding out how to successfully withdraw blood, you’ll also have to get to grips with lectures and instructions from key medical experts.

Medical laboratory testing has witnessed much advancement in recent times. This includes improved diagnostic techniques, together with visionary technologies and automatic instruments. With phlebotomy training, students can tap into this burgeoning and expanding field. As a part of a clinical laboratory team, you’ll play a vital role in helping other technicians test and diagnose blood samples and specimens. The ability to draw blood properly is also important for doctors, surgeons, and special physicians too. They also rely on lab technicians to analyze and test blood specimens, while delivering precise and timely information.

A training course in phlebotomy provides valuable, real-life experience, and the instant you graduate you’ll be able to enter this exciting medical field. Need to make a change in your career? Find out more about phlebotomy training today.

Phlebotomy Classes Lakeland FL

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